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First off the MX80 and MX70 are very nice sounding machines... and they are currently
not in demand - thus prices are as LOW as I've seen.     Which means they are
likely the BEST BUYS out there right now...

BUT there are a few things you need to know about them...

First off they ARE Microprocessor controlled machines.     This is not a BAD thing.
But yes the system is now well over 20 years old... and old chips can be difficult - or
impossible to find.     None of you are still using a 20 year old computer.

The real problem, which I must add has NOT yet happened much, but alas will,
is that both machines are filled with Otari custom designed IC's and electronic switches.
These items are not 'standard' parts you can buy from electronics suppliers.
You have to order them from OTARI in Japan, and hope that Otari still has them.

These include a bunch of FET switches - the Otari I-0051 and I0053.    
In each MX70 Audio card there are 7 of the I-0053 switches and 2 of the I-0051.
No one except Otari will have them...   if you're lucky....

The main OUTPUT Circuit IC is also a custom designed Otari unit - the
Otari I-0178-B - which is the latest version - and replaces the I-0050 or the I-0125.
Brian Roth made a number of good replacement units, that as of 2020 were available.

Then also Otari used a number of ICs and such that are now near impossible to find
like the PhotoDiode MI-33H-2D which is used in the Tension Sensors.
Or the CPU Otari used in various positions, the Otari I-0012.

There are MANY switches used in Otari machines that are no longer
manufactured... and no longer available anywhere.

Still the MX 80 and MX 70 machines are pretty dang good machines....
and generally if they have good heads, it's a great buy.


    Otari pics and vintage Sales Brochures



Otari Pics and Sales Brochures



    MX 70 or MX 80 - No Audio on ANY track fix


MX 70 or MX80 - No Audio fix



    MX 70 or MX 80 - Unable to Underbias any track info


MX 70 or MX80 -
Unable to under-bias any track...



    MX 70 or MX 80 - early AC Non-Standard connector


MX 70 or MX80 - Early AC Connector


    Aligning OTARI MX-80 Transports

Aligning Otari MX-80 Transports

  Just starting to do this page... come back in a week !!

    Aligning OTARI MX-70 Transports

Aligning Otari MX-70 Transports

  Just starting to do this page... come back in a week !!

Aligning MX-80 and MX-70 Audio

  Otari MX-80 and MX-70  
Audio Alignments

  Audio pages not yet done...

     MX-80 Error Codes  

  MX-80 Error Codes  


If you own an MX-80 you HAVE to Copy this list of error codes !!

    FREE OTARI Service Bulletins (at least the ones I have...)

OTARI Service Bulletins for All machines: now at Manual List  


  OTARI Manuals:

    OTARI Manuals are now listed at: Free Manual List  



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