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AMPEX Audio VU Meters for sale

These VU meters are all used or in some very rare cases 'new old-stock'.


All meters will be tested before they're shipped out to insure they're both accurate and have smooth movements.
In most cases these meters can be considered 'Vintage" since by now most are over 20 years old.

VU meters are delicate - they have to be handled with care.    
Since they can be easily damaged by dropping or mishandling...
VU Meters CANNOT BE RETURNED.     Consider them sold "AS-IS".


We will test all VU meters before we send them out   !!!

Here are the Ampex MM 1100 VU Meters we have in stock as of October 2013....


  AMPEX MM 1100 VU Meter




  Price per Meter:   $ 75.00

  Set of 2 meters:   $ 130.00

  Quantity in stock: 10

  Note that these meters are in great condition.   No scratches on the face.
The red meter marking is slightly less vivid than a brand new meter would be.


You can use these in a MM 1200 - slight face color difference -
these are clear, while the original MM 1200 meters have a slight
yellowish face color to them....

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