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I'm in the process of listing the dumbest things' I've heard Audio engineers and Studio Owners say (or do!).

But for now how about this one....
"I can hear 1/2 db difference at 20,000 hertz".

Told of course by an Audio Engineer who has NEVER worked on a 'major' project.
and does his work in digital... and thinks it sounds great, thinks he's great too.

A guy emailed me about his equipment and said
"It has XLR's so I know it's a balanced unit..."
Just having XLRs does NOT mean it is balanced !!!

An engineer emailed me and told me he had just done sessions
at a studio that labeled all of their XLR Cables as "pin 3 hot"
There is no 'hot' or 'cold' in a normal XLR Cable...
Pin 1 goes to Pin 1,   Pin 2 to 2   and   Pin 3 to 3

An engineer walked into a Control Room and said confidently and with authority
it was up 6db at 300 hertz...
but when measured it was down 6db at 300 hertz!  
Wow!   The Golden Ears of Cotton!

  or... Can you help me... I want my voice to sound like John Lennon on Rubber Soul
what equipment do I have to buy to get that vocal sound ?...
a 'real' request from the 'Prodigy Professional' forum...
Hey...You aren't John Lennon... you will NEVER sound like him.  

everyone thinks if they just buy the same gear they will sound just like
whoever they want.... yet they have no talent, no skill, but what the hell...
isn't that what ProTwels is for -
to allow non-talented folks to pretend to be real talented musicians???


the best and most constant one is (of course)

"It sounds like a capacitor going out..."
"It should be easy to fix."

  A while ago a guy emailed me and told me that
"I can tell which tape recorder was used on any music I hear"
- even on FM radio !!!
Well this is honestly impossible -
you can NOT tell which tape recorder recorded what over FM Radio
which has it's own compression, EQ, noise, distortion on it's own,
let alone someone 'knowing' that say an Ampex MM1000 was used for the basics,
a MCI JH 16 for the guitar overdubs, a 3M 79 for the vocals,
and all of this mixed to a 3M M56 two track then Mastered via an Ampex 440B....
geeze what was this guy thinking.... but there are folks out there who will say they
have a set of Perfect Ears, and are the greatest Audio engineer ever, and can
hear a pin drop on a pillow 1,000 feet away
Likely the same guy who pretends to be a 14 year old girl in chat rooms!


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