Here are some 'interesting' sites that claim to have made important 'discoveries' in making your audio sound better!!    

NOTE: With any technological innovation in audio, I expect to see complete documentation -
Specifications, technical descriptions, and facts, not opinions. Any new discovery would
of course be published in a Peer-reviewed journal such as the Audio Engineering Society Journal.

What I generally see at "Audiophile" web sites are undocumented claims, subjective opinions, questionable specifications
and statements, and a complete lack of technical review and/or published specifications.

Anyone can say 'this makes music sound better' or 'the improvement in sound quality is astounding'
because those statements are simply not scientific or factual.... they're statements of OPINION
and strangely enough, they're the opinions of folks who want to sell you that same gear.

I always ask...

and of course there is no documentation or specifications or facts
it's just 'snake-oil'   !!!

So take a look yourself at some of these sites - and you decide !!!!
Maybe they're on to something I don't understand...

We're still updating this page so if you see a site that should be here - email me !  !!

A Lacquer that makes IC's sound like tubes ???

From the Website: "We are not able to provide an accurate description why
the "Tube-o-lator" stuff actually works...
at least they're honest - they don't know how or why it 'works'!
the Altman "Tube-O-Lator"

$ 7,475 one meter RCA cable   ???
Stealth Audio Cables
Yikes!  .... 'NBS' makes a 2 foot RCA cable for $ 12,000 bucks!!

$ 485 per pair
Wooden Knobs that make gear sound better   ????
"The sound becomes much more open
and free flowing with a nice improvement in resolution.
Dynamics are better and overall naturalness is improved."
Huh ???     You're saying wood knobs improve a power amp's sound ???
apparently these special Wooden Knobs have been discontinued now -
hummm... I wonder why that is...

Special "Wooden Lenses" aka 'feet'to place
under your CD player to improve sound quality !!!   ???
"woodLenses have an extremely positive effect on transparency, natural timbres,
ambience reproduction and dynamics: the gain in coherency and focus is simply astonishing."
Huh???     Wooden feet do this all on their own ???
audiophile Wooden Lenses (feet)
apparently these special Wooden Knobs have been discontinued now -

Golly! Looks as if they discontinued the Magic Wooden Feet !!!
I wonder why....

"Top 10 Signs an Audio Cable Vendor Is Selling You Snake Oil"
a very good article - and take a look at the follow-ups...
Top 10 of Audio Cable Snake-Oil   !!

"Audiophile" a nice list of well, you know...
a very good funny web page
Audiophile List   !!

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