We are "Bay Area Studio Engineering"

Located in San Francisco California


We've been doing repairs on Professional Audio Equipment as an Independent shop since 1981.
We repair, upgrade and modify almost all professional ANALOG equipment....
Ampex, MCI, Studer, Otari tape recorders....
Vintage NEVE consoles and other consoles...
from SSL's, API's, Trident, MCI, SoundWorkShop, to Soundcraft, and so on
We also work on lots of various tube equipment,
almost all outboard gear,
and design and manufacture Custom studio equipment when needed....
and of course we have designed and built Complete Recording Studios
as well as done acoustic design and treatment for various problem locations
  - keeping your sound inside and the noise outside!
and of course we have a good selection of various parts for Professional Tape Recorders.

As of October 1, 2008 I've decided NOT to do any out-of-area travel work...
It's just become too expensive to travel: the cost of airfare, shipping test gear,
tools, and parts via Overnight UPS or FedEx (both to the job and back to the shop),
and the fact that today most studio owners have no idea of the 'real' condition of
their gear - I'm finding that a lot of folks think that their gear is in good condition
with only a few problems, when often it's in very very poor condition with major work
required to bring it back to original specifications... which means hours and hours
of tech work and lots of parts.... and usually without the budget to do the work.
Plus it isn't 'fun' to travel anymore.
So as of October 1st, 2008 I put a halt on travel farther than driving distance
- which means we'll drive to pretty much most of California, but that's about it.

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A little history of our Chief Tech and Owner 'Goreski'...
Before starting Bay Area Studio Engineering in 1981
our Chief Engineer ran the tech department at Fantasy Records over in Berkeley California...
and before that he workd for CBS Records at their San Francisco studio until CBS closed their studios in 1978.
Working for CBS there as a Disc Mastering Engineer - yep -
cutting Master Records on a Scully Lathe and Westrix Cutting Head !!
plus also doing tech work and recordings when needed.
And yes just like everyone, before that he ran his own little studio recording band demos and commericals....
in the late 1960's and very early 70's.

I'll be taking some pics of our tech bench in the next couple weeks, and adding pics
of some of the recording studios we've designed and built over the years
Last full studio design and construction project was in 2006 when we built a wonderful
sounding private studio and a GREAT sounding Control Room for an engineer who's worked
with the Rolling Stones and other such 'name' and legendary groups in Europe
before moving to the SF Bay Area.   We also installed all the gear and 14 full
patchbays full of Vintage outboard equipment - everything from the Classic LA2A,
the famous (and expensive) Fairchild 670 Limiter, EMT 140 plates, the EMT 250
and more Vintage gear in a list too long to remember!
the entire project took almost 1 year to finish from the design to finished studio!!
3 Ampex ATR 124 tape recorders, 3 Ampex ATR 102 tape recorders (a 1/4 inch, a 1/2 inch and a 1 inch 2 track)
full Dolby SR racks for everything, Euphonics console, wonderful ATC large 5.1 monitors...
3 custom made roll around racks of outboard gear, more outboard gear in cabinet racks, and alas a digital recording set-up too...


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