How to Equip a Recording Studio in your Home for almost No Money !!!

    Ya Can't do it !!    

Oh I know... You WANT to be a recording engineer!

What??? You think there is a cheap way to equip a 'real' recording studio?

Well there isn't.

cheap gear sounds thin, distorted, and cheap
a cheap mic sounds gutless - it sounds like a cheap mic!

The reason why good recording gear is expensive is that it is hard to make!
It takes the best quality parts     expensive parts !

You may think the sound of what you're doing is fine, but no one else
will, and for god's sake no Professional Recording Engineer will
for a moment think your stuff sounds good.


If you think you have any skill as a recording engineer
you should be doing projects at a good PROFESSIONAL Recording Studio
and there are a ton of them around - with large good sounding studios,
expensive equipment, well maintained gear, and good mics.

GO and do projects there, not at your house!!!

If you think you have any talent as a musican
Go and record at a good PROFESSIONAL Recording Studio
the sound you'll get there will be vastly better than anything you can do at home

GEZZE... what the hell are you thinking???