How to Make Money with a
Home Recording Studio !!!

    Ya Can't do it !!    


You think there is an easy way to make money with a dumpy home bedroom studio??

Well there isn't.

Oh sure you can likely make $10 or $15 an hour
Until your neighbors complain and the cops make a visit
because you are making loud sounds in the middle of the night...

But you'll never make enough money to equip the studio with REAL PROFESSIONAL gear
or make enough to move the studio into a 'real' location with large rooms
Or make enough to off-set the money you're losing daily by not taking a 'real job
and doing the recording as a hobby.

And if by chance you do eek out a living - it will be living with roommates,
of not having enough to pay the car insurance, no savings,
no marketable skills for the future.

It's one thing to live like a 20 year old when you are a 20 year old -
another to be 40 still living in squalor... without a future.

Look, it's a HARD business.
Everyone wants to open up a recording studio - hell YOU do !!
There are too many recording studios already - the world does NOT need one more!

GEZZE... what the hell are you thinking???
In my area we have a nice studio with a Classic Neve console, an Ampex 1/2 inch
ATR 102, a Studer A-827 24 track, HD Pro Twels, a ton of classic expensive
outboard gear, a nice selection of mics, a grand piano and so on.....
making all of $ 350 a day.     That's for 24 hours of studio use.
Lesser studios are charging $ 200 a day WITH engineer, up to 10 hours.
And while you may be able to eek out a living for a while, soon you'll
find another studio will open up, take business away, then yet another will open...
So just don't do it... it's fun for a short while, then it becomes work,
then it becomes dreary and boring as you record mediocre band one after the other.