How to build a Recording Studio in your Home

    Do NOT do it!!    

Oh I know... You WANT to be a recording engineer!

Sure, there are too many recording studios already...
too many 'wanna be' engineers... (hey - you are one!!)
and of course you think it's gonna be fun!

Look - admit that the reason you want to build your own Recording Studio
is that you cannot afford to go into a 'real' professional studio and record your music.....

Or you think it would be fun to work with bands - that since you can't play an instrument
well enought to actually play music, it might be easier to record than to play!

Well the VAST majority of home studios fail within 3 years
Usually you'll lose your wife or girlfriend or boyfriend
and you'll end up looking at yourself in 10 years and say
"what the hell was I thinking !"

You'll be broke, the work you will have done will be crap,
and the musicians you'll end up working for will be untalented
and go nowhere - just like yourself!


If you think you have any skill as a recording engineer
you should be doing projects at a good PROFESSIONAL Recording Studio
and there are a ton of them around - with large good sounding studios,
expensive equipment, well maintained gear, and good mics.

GO and do projects there, not at your house!!!

If you think you have any talent as a musican
Go and record at a good PROFESSIONAL Recording Studio
the sound you'll get there will be vastly better than anything you can do a home
and because you will have to actually pay for the studio time
your project might actually get done.... rather than spending the rest
of your life 'perfecting' the parts on your own recordings so you
don't have to ever finish it....

GEZZE... what the hell are you thinking???