You finally decided to get a real paying job !!    


After all.... just about no one will hire you since
you've wasted the past 20 years as a "Recording Engineer"
and you've got no real work history, few or no skills....
If you're smart you will have found a job LONG ago at a
Radio station, Television station, or the like,
and you already HAVE a paying job!!
Or your wife or girlfriend is the one with the paying job...
and you're a free-loader bum living off her income!!!

Now sure this is all pretty cynical on my part -
but I've been in the Music Business for the past 40 years
and I've known hundreds of "Recording Engineers" over that
time... most have been failures, most never did anything
that sounded very good, and almost all ended up pretty damn broke.
Even the few really good engineers can't make much money
these days, they're happy to get gigs that pay $20 - $25 an hour
and this is with many Gold and Platinum records to their credit,
and a history of good sounding major work.
And these guys and gals aren't working much.
The point is that you really need to consider the realities
of being a Recording Engineer or Studio Owner...
No one will tell you how hard it is, how vast the odds are you
will fail, nor tell you how difficult the business really is.

But hey... your resume will look like this:
Skills - staying up late, placing microphones around, connecting cables,
playing computer games, sitting around with musicians, listening to music,
turning eq pots and faders, trying to keep the car running, the rent paid.
Yes, I'm sure that you'll find a good paying job somewhere....