How to start a Record Label
with a Home Recording Studio !!!

Hey     This is easy!

You go out and spend a lot of money recording bands
then you spend a lot of money pressing the CDs and getting art work done
then you spend a lot of money on publicity - newspapers, TV, radio
then you open a website to sell the CDs
then you go bankrupt



GEZZE... what the hell are you thinking???
That there is some simple easy way to become a sucessful record label?
Most of the existing independent ones will fail within the next 3 years
and even the 'big boys' are having a tough time...

How do you think you can sell thousands and thousands of CDs
by bands no one has heard of... and bands who aren't constantly touring?

A small indie band that tours all the time might manage to sell 5,000 CDs
but most of that will be at the gig's merch table and thus you won't get
a cut.   The odds that a band will even sell that many CDs is slim.
But Hey!   If you have a lot of money already - and aren't bothered
by loosing money - then sure go out and form your own indie record label.
and after that, why not become a Movie Director too !