Want to become a Recording Engineer   ???
Don't !!!

The world does not need another
'Recording Engineer'  !    

And the odds are you won't be very good at it -
it takes years and years to learn the basics let alone become a 'good' engineer.
Which is almost IMPOSSIBLE to do on your own   !!

Plus there is nowhere you can go and be a 'second engineer'
working with a top recording engineer on major label projects anymore...
so there isn't anywhere you can really learn the craft from a Master.

So the odds of you becoming anything more than a 'amature'or 'hack' recording engineer
are millions to one.   The vast majority of engineers in small studios turn out
very medocre stuff - and if you put anything they've recorded
up to a CD by a major artist recorded at a top studio by very good engineers
you'll hear the difference... and it won't be subtile!

You want to become a recording engineer because you think it's cool.
Or you really like music but can't play an instrument well enough to get in a band.

But being a recording engineer is still playing an 'instrument' and the odds are you
still won't play the 'instrument' very well either... you may think you can play
with the best, but if you're honest you'll realize you can't.

Even if you do become a 'recording engineer' and even manage to do it for a few years,
you'll find yourself working until 2am in the morning with little pay for it, you'll
find yourself without a serious relationship (or with a divorce), no money in the bank,
living like a 18 year old in a run down apartment with roommates, a beat-up car, and
all the trimmings.   that's fine while you're in your early 20's.... but not when you're 32.

Maybe the worst of it is that you'll hate music.
Recording band after band, mediocre ones at best, playing the same songs over and over,
and you try to keep smiling as you do yet another overdub for the singer who can't sing
or the player who can't play.   And you have to take just about everything that
walks thru the doors or you can't pay your rent this month.
And you can't say "why don't you guys stop recording and practice before you come back..."
Because they won't be back if you say that, and besides your rent is pastdue.
So slowly you begin to dread working with bands... then you begin to hate music.

Being a Recording Engineer is NOT FUN.   It's hard work in difficult surroundings.
There's no one to 'teach' you the skills anymore.   Anyone can go out and buy the
equipment and call themselves a recording engineer, or a recording studio.  
That nerd you made fun of in high school is already a 'recording engineer' right now.
Everyone wants to be a recording engineer, and because it doesn't take much money
for a cheap computer recording system - heck they come free with many computers ! -
everyone says they are 'recording engineers' if they've recorded themselves or
someone else.   And they begin to think they are good at it.   Just like you do.
Plus all those over-priced ripoff "Recording Engineer Schools"
turn out hundreds of "recording engineers" each year and they're all
trying to find work or opening their own little studio....
meaning there's more and more competition for the small amount of
work there actually is.
Good experienced Recording Engineers - with many Gold Records to their credit -
are lucky to get gigs paying $25 an hour these days.   And these guys
aren't even finding enough work - and they're MUCH MUCH better engineers
than you will EVER be.
So don't do it.   Get a 'real job.   Make some money   Have a personal life
If you want to be a recording engineer,
then do it as a hobby,   for FUN   , not as a profession.