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F300   F760   S01   S02   S05   S06   S24   S25  Scamp Rack Power Supply

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All the Scamp Module scans are thanks to Chuck Anderson in Minneapolis -
he paid for my time to do the original scans from my files for him,
then asked me to make them available to everyone else for free.....
that's pretty dang nice !!

Rar or Zip File Password is: \

Scamp Module Prices form 1980 !!! !!

      Scamp List Prices in 1980      
reUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD  


Scamp F300 Expander-Gate module Manual and Data Sheet !!

Scamp F300 manual... in one 'Rar' file  
(   4.4 megs large   )

ReUpped 9/12/17     Link GOOD  


 Scamp F760 Compex-Limiter (vocal stressor for the Scamp rack) Manual
Scamp F760 Compex Limiter (vocal stressor) Manual
(   5.9 megs large   )

ReUpped 9/12/17     Link GOOD  


 Scamp S01 Compressor - Limiter Manual
Scamp S01 Compressor-Limiter Manual
(   2.1 megs large   )

File ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD  


 Scamp S02 Mic Pre-Amp Manual
Scamp S02 Mic Pre-Amp Manual
(   2 megs large   )

ReUpped 10/15/17 ASAP     Link GOOD  


 Scamp S05 - S06 Noise Filters Manual
Scamp S05 and S06 Noise Filter Modules Manual
(   2 megs large   )

ReUpped 10/15/17 ASAP     Link GOOD  


 Scamp S24 Time-Shift Module Manual
Scamp S24 Time-Shifter Module Manual
(   1 meg large   )

ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD  


 Scamp S25 De-Essor Module Manual
Scamp S25 De-Essor Module Manual
(   1 meg large   )

ReUpped 10/15/17     Link GOOD  


 Scamp Power Supply units - S26 and S60 Manuals
 Main Rack Pin-Outs for various Modules
Scamp S26 and S60 Power Supply Manual
and Main Rack Pin-Outs

(   250k large   )

ReUpped 09/07/17     Link GOOD  




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