Our Fostex tape recorder parts list...
We have NO   G16 or G24 parts left !!

Use the email link at the bottom of this page to order parts on this page
please note we have NO OTHER Fostex parts than those listed on this page !!!
please don't ask.... we only have what's listed here!

USED Fostex PARTS - taken from a parts machine

E-16 Audio Cards - Capstan card - and other things

ALL SOLD !!!  
a bunch of stuff - all untested after taken out of a working 'parts machine'  

  All Sold 'As-Is'   -   Untested

move mouse over pic for larger view !!!

 Everything in the picture above for - SOLD -

E-16 Erase Head - good condition       $ 300.00   

move mouse over pic for larger view !!!

-Erase head shown mounted in headstack...   Record/Repro head has been sold !!!

E-16 Reel Motors (used) - very good condition     $ 150.00 each




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