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Yes, Studer has stopped selling any parts for the Studer A-800,
A-820, the A-827 and any other Studer tape recorder.
For all parts you'll need to contact http://audiohouse.ch who may have
the Studer parts you need for your A-80, A-800, A-820 or other Studer machine.
Audiohouse will sell the various parts you may need, but I highly
suggest you order your spare parts NOW...
from 'Audiohouse" before they run out !!!
I do NOT have much in the way of Studer parts...

  Brand New Athan STUDER pinch rollers:
Direct from the athan eBay Store

  Studer and Revox  CAPSTAN  OIL
Read this ASAP   !!!

FREE Studer manuals are located
in the Manuals Section on the Main Page....


Studer Info and Tips pages:

A-827 pages
updated 09/08/16
partially done....
A-820 pages
updated 09/08/16
partially done....
A-810 pages
updated 09/08/16
partially done....
A-800 pages
updated 02/18/18
partially done....
A-80 pages
not yet done....
Studer Pics and Sales Brochures

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