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Studer and Revox Capstan Oils...

There are THREE DIFFERENT OILS that Studer/Revox used for their Capstans.

The First is " Mobile DTE extra heavy " Otari also used this oil.

The early Revox and Studer tape recorders used this oil - such as the early A77 and the G 36
This is also a very good general purpose oil !!!

The Second is ' Kluber Isoflex PDP65 ' which is a SYNTHETIC oil based on 'ester oil'

This was used in many Revox and Studer capstans - such as the later A77 and B77
and the A-80 and A-800 and A810 and others.

The third oil was the ' Klueber Constant GLY2100 '
a SYNTHETIC fluid specially designed for 'sintered' bushings
Used in the C270 and the A-807   •  A-812   •  A-820 and A-827 and others.
NOTE: Later versions of the A-820 and A-827 have Ball Bearings
and NOT a sintered Bushing.     NEVER oil a Ball Bearing capstan !!!

You can find out the kind of Capstan Oil you MUST use by looking at the back
of your capstan - there should be a printed tag there stating which oil to use.

You MUST use ONLY the CORRECT Oil - nothing else !!!

Each Oil is DIFFERENT than the others.
They do NOT mix and Match.
There is NOT One oil that works on all Studer/Revox motors !!!

   Studer Tech Memo on Lubricating Capstan Motors
a PDF file  


The ONLY folks I know who offer the CORRECT Oils and Lubrication are:

   Pricision Motor Works


   Nagravox eBay Store
You will need to look for the Correct Oil you need

Do NOT get the 'one oil fits all' that some folks sell....

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