Recorder Sales Prices...

Prices Last Updated: September 2022

>>> Note: I am NOT updating tape machine prices often -
as prices are fluctuating too drastically to accurately detail any trends....

In 2023 and early 2024, almost ALL studios are trying to sell of their 2 inch tape recorders.
The cost of Analog Audio tape is way too high - now close to $500 a reel - though I understand it
it takes a lot of expensive chemicals and machinery to make Audio Tape.

But the whole Audio World has changed now - almost no studios are using
their tape recorders anymore.

What this means is that if you want a nice 2 inch 16 or 24 track tape recorder,
you can get one REALLY CHEAP now !

Listed below are recent actual sales prices I've been told of.
This is not to say that you can buy a recorder at these prices, rather that
some machines in some parts of the country have sold for these amounts
in the recent past.

Of course if you NEED a machine right now, you're going to pay a lot more
than if you can wait until a better deal happens....

Also during the Covid-19 lockdown, bored amateur musicians at home
started to buy 2 track tape recorders for their small home studios
at RIDICULOUSLY high prices.

Note I have NOTHING to do with any of these machines
- these are machines people bought from someone and they've emailed in the price
and estimated condition of the unit to let folks know what the current
'Street Price' is....

If you've bought a machine recently, let me know what you paid for it...
and what condition you felt it was in when you got it...

Also note that any machine that's been checked out and aligned is worth a LOT more than an "As-Is" unchecked machine.
  I've run into machines sold "As-Is' that required hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of repairs which turned a "good" deal into a "bad" deal.  

So always look for a "Checked Out" (by a good tech!!!) machine even if it's a higher price,
or hire a good tech to look over any machine you're thinking of getting.
  A tech can not 'guarantee' a machine, but at least he can spot major problems
and give you an educated assessment of the machine's condition... well worth paying for!!!

Please read my tips on how to buy a multi-track tape recorder !!!!
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Tape Recorders

As everyone knows Analogue Multi-Track Recorders and 2 tracks are at a
VERY STRANGE asking price point right now.... 2021
Sellers are often asking for two or three times what a good machine should sell for.
Basically they are looking for fools with money.

A good Otari 5050 2 track 'should' sell for between $650.00 - $1,250.00
But a lot of sellers are asking for $2,500 or more for a well used machine...
hoping that they can find a newbie with a home studio that has some money.
One techie guy is asking for $ 3,250.00 for an Otari 5050 BII 2 track !!!

Do NOT be in a hurry to buy a tape machine !!!
Wait until prices drop back down to normal.

Also... there are a lot of machines out there for sale in "As-Is" condition
without head reports, and where the seller says things like... "it's been stored
for the past couple years", or "I no longer have a studio in which to test the machine"
or "was working fine when last used...a few years ago."   Basically this means
you are buying a machine in unknown condition - and it likely needs repairs !!!
Do NOT buy a machine that you have not personally seen
or had a trustworthy tech look at !!!

I see too many machines come into my shop that have been sold as 'AS-IS good condition' units
where the actual true condition is poor or worse - needing costly repairs....
and where the seller refuses to make good on his statement or help pay for those repairs.
A tape recorder with bad heads is worthless !!!
    Heads cost thousands of dollars.   A new Ampex MM 1200 24 trk Repro head is over $ 2,500
Otari and Studer Multi-Track heads are far more expensive....
a 2 track new head for a Studer A810 is over $ 850.00
Bad Heads = bad deals
  Also The seller who says "it was working before I put it into storage..."
is telling you that the machine is basically in totally unknown condition.  


Current Market   Actual STREET SALES PRICES   for Various Tape Recorders...
as reported to me from various folks who bought these machines...



Not many folks reported actual Sales Prices they paid for machines...
when asked many said they are embarrassed to say how much they paid !!!

Current 2 track Recorder pricing is CRAZY HIGH right now.
So best is to wait until prices fall back to normal...
Very little interest in 2 inch recorders right now.

Studer A-810 stand alone unit - in good condition
but after shipping needs some minor repairs
Sold for $ 2,500 - very good price !!

Studer A-827 24 track
Very good condition, with Remote
Sold for $ 12,500

Studer A-810 in very good condition
with Roll-Around cart
Sold for $ 6,000



Otari MTR 90 mkII 16 track
Sold for $ 2,500 in unknown condition without Autolocator
Fair Price if it all works OK.

Ampex 350 2 track in cases
Bought for $ 14,000 !!!!!
That's a really CRAZY price
Very bad Deal !!!

Studer A-810
Bought for $ 3,000
A non-woking machine in need of over $1,000 in repairs
and a $750 used but good headstack...
Very bad Deal !!!


2020     Pre-Covid

Otari 5050 BII 2 track in fair condition
Sold for $ 750.00

Ampex ATR 102 1/4 inch 2 track in roll-around stand
Bought at an Auction for $ 5,000.00
Unit needs work and minor repairs.
Very bad Deal !!!

Studer Gold Edition A-827 with Remote and Autolocator
Good Condition, working in a busy LA studio daily that shut down.
Sold for $ 13,500.00
Very good deal !!!

Otari MX 80       Very used and worn !!
Needs new pinch roller ($250), Remote was not working, many Remote switches not in
good condition - and exact replacement switches are impossible to find
meaning different style switches will have to be installed
Heads very worn as well
But also comes with the Auto-Locator and cable, a nice plus !
Guy bought it for $ 2,250 - NOT a very good deal

Ampex 440 2 track
Recapped and supposidly 'refurbushed' (whatever that really means is an 'unknown')
Guy Bought for $ 2,000       WAY OVERPRICED !!!
Very Bad Deal !



Otari MTR 20   1/2 inch two track with extra 1/4 inch guides and headstack.
Bought for $ 2,000 in Roll-around stand.
But the 1/2 inch heads are worn out and the gaps have widened up,
meaning those heads are WORTHLESS !.   1/4 inch heads OK though..
Cost to replace heads on the 1/2 inch headstack - another $2,000 !!
VERY BAD DEAL.... !!!   please know what you are buying !!!

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch two track, used, in Roll-Aound stand.
4 speed PadNet.     Heads in Good condition,   OK used Athan capstan.
Sold for $ 5,000       Not a good deal....

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch two track, well used, in Roll-Aound stand.
2 speed PadNet.     Heads in Good condition,   needs new capstan.
Sold for $ 1,750       Great Deal !

Otari 5050 mkIII 1/4 inch   2 track
Sold for $800     OK deal

Otari MX-80   24 track
Good condition, heads good.
Sold for $ 2,750     Very Good deal.

Otari 5050 B2HD   1/4 inch 2 track.
Good condition, relay mods done.
Sold for $ 650     OK deal

Studer A-827   24 track, without Auto-Locator.
Good condition, heads fine.     Sold for $8,500.

Studer A-800 mkIII version   24 track, with Auto-Locator.
I did some repair and upgrade work on this machine for the Seller....
Replaced all VU switches, about 500 caps and so on, and aligned her up.
Sold for $ 7,000 after the repairs and upgrades.     Good Deal !

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch two track,   4 speed version
Good condition.... has Athan Capstan unit,   in Roll-Around stand
Sold for $ 5,000       about 2K overpriced in my opinion.

Otari MTR 90 24 track mkII verson 'Q'   (almost a mkIII machine   !)
With CB 120 Auto-Locator, Remote, all cables and two BRAND NEW Athan Pucks (at $240 each !)
Transport and Audio system fully aligned and checked out by a good experienced Tech.
Sold for 3,000       Good Price   !

Otari 5050 BII   2 track
Repaired and aligned up well.   Good condition after repairs.
Sold for $ 700.     OK price, a little high.



Otari MX80 24 track with Remote And Auto-Locator
Bought in Non-Working condition, then stored in a garage for years....
The counter roller melted, and gunked up a lot of parts...
But after cleaning it all up, replacing the Counter Roller
She was actually in pretty good condition.
Cost to do the repairs and parts was $ 1,000.     Bought originally for $ 800.
A VERY dangerous deal, buying a tape recorder that didn't work.....
but this deal turned out to be a rare Good Deal !!!!

AMPEX ATR-102 1/4 inch two track with 4 speed Padnet cards
Good condition.   In Ampex Roll-Around stand.
Sold for $ 4,500     about 1.5K over priced in my opinion.

MCI JH110B 2 track
Good condition, well used, heads OK.
I aligned up this machine for the seller, and she aligned up just fine...
Has many 'Red' sockets that should be replaced.
Sold for $ 1,350

Ampex AG 440A   1 inch 8 track
Buyer says it is in well used but OK condition - required a replacement Repro Head though.
In Roll-Around stand.     Bought in New Zealand - where almost no tape Recorders exist
Bought for $ 3,500us - VERY high, but there are almost no tape recorders there.

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch Two Track
Fair to good condition.   Has NEW Athan capstan.   in Roll-Around Stand
Standard 2 speed audio cards.   Good Heads.
Sold for $ 3,500.

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch Two Track
Good condition.   Has NEW Athan capstan.   in Roll-Around Stand
Standard 2 speed audio cards.   Good Heads.
Sold for $ 3,750.

Ampex AG 440B 1/4 inch two track 7.5 / 15 ips
in Roll-Around, fair condition, with a second complete headstack
Sold for $ 350.00

Otari MX5050 BII Two Track
Two Track heads with quarter track selectable repro head
All heads Recently relapped, Machine recently aligned, in VERY good condition
Sold for $ 600.00       VERY GOOD DEAL   !!!

Otari MX 5050 mkIII 2 track
Very good condition, has little use, needed a very minor repair
Bought for $ 300.00       VERY GOOD DEAL   !!!

AMPEX 440 C 4 track
Buyer says it is in good condition
Bought for   $ 1,250     Kinda VERY high in my Opinion...



Otari MTR 10 1/4 inch 2 track
Unknown Condition
Sold for $850 - VERY BAD DEAL !!!!
Way OVERPRICED in my Opinion !

Sony APR 5003 1/4 inch 2 track  -   not working !!
Condition UNKNOWN, the machine is NOT working....
Sold for $850  -   a VERY BAD DEAL !!!!!
NEVER buy a machine that is NOT working well....
If you are lucky it could be a cheap and easy fix,
or more often it will be a VERY expensive repair, you never know !

Otari MTR 90 mkII 24 track with Remote     no auto-locator
Needs new pucks (2 at $300 each)   otherwise in OK condition.
Sold for $ 2,500     an OK price

Otari 5050 mkIV 1/2 inch 8 track
in good condition, recently aligned by me for the seller,
with newly replaced relays I put in 6 months ago
Sold for $650       good deal !!

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch   2 track
Well Used, with original metal Capstan   (which will need to be replaced)
In standard Ampex roll-around.     Machine looks nice.
Sold As-Is, in running but unknown condition.     $ 1,650     Very Good Deal   !!!

Ampex ATR 102   1/2 inch   2 track
Well Used, with original metal Capstan   (which will need to be replaced)
In standard Ampex roll-around.     Machine looks nice
Sold As-Is, in running but unknown condition.     $ 1,650     GREAT DEAL   !!!
One Seller sold both the above machiness as a pair......

Otari MTR 90 mkII 24 track
with 2 NEW pucks, installed and the machine was aligned up by me just
a couple months ago for the original owner so he could sell the machine...
It was in pretty good condition, with fair life left on the heads.
Note: cost of the new pucks alone was over $ 600.00
and Seller paid for them BEFORE he sold the machine.
Sold for $ 3,000       VERY GOOD Deal !!!

Otari MX70   16 track with an extra One Inch 8 track headstack
Needed some work - but buyer says it was in working condition.
Cost   $ 1,600     very good deal !

Revox A77 two track -   low speed version
Sold for $ 800.00     Needed repairs
NOT a good deal !!!!

Studer C 37 vintage Tube 2 track
Bought in England for $ 2,500 US - bring shipped to the USA
Needs repairs - actual condition unknown - seller says it needs work
While the sales price is good IF the machine worked perfectly
Repair costs could easily run well over $ 5,000...
and shipping the deck will be costly...



AMPEX MM1200     16 Track
Good condition with Search to Cue
Remote and cable, and VSO
Sold for $ 5,000

Otari 5050 mkII 2 track in good condition
Needs a new pinch roller... otherwise in good condition... heads worn but good.
Sold for $ 350     good deal

Nagra 4 mono Location Film Recorder in very good condition
with VSO unit.   Runs and Records great !
Sold for $ 750   a steal !!!

Studer A-827   24 track     $ 7,500
Bought from a Broker who said it was working fine...
But really needed a New Capstan Motor (well over $2,000)
and a New Pinch Roller ( $425) and repair work...
the Broker did NOT reimburse the buyer.... and the Broker
lied about the actual condition of the machine...

Studer A-827   24 track
Good condition     Sold for $ 6,000
fine deal....     Great machine !!!

Ampex MM 1200 24 track in great condition   with MPSTC and Servo unit
Sold for $ 3,500     with Remote Cable
Very Good deal....   came with extra audio cards, VSO Unit, remote cable

Otari MX80 24 track     fair condition
sold for $ 3,500     OK deal as it has been recently aligned by a tech
and reportedly runs and aligns fine...   OK Deal

STEAL of the year !!!
Ampex ATR 102     1/4 inch two track
in Roll-Around stand, fair condition, Buyer says it is fully working well
Guy back East bought it for just $ 1,500   !!!
Seller thought it was just a 'parts machine'  
Turned out it just needed basic transport alignment...

Ampex ATR 102   1/4 inch two track
in Roll-around stand, has brand new Athan Capstan, recently aligned (by me !!!)
in good working condition...
Sold for $ 3,500     good fair price

Ampex ATR 102 1/2 inch with very good heads, lots of spare parts
and a second 1/2 inch 4 track parts machine
Bought in Europe for $ 7,000 dollars



Otari MTR 90 mkII   24 track with CB 115 Autolocator
Has 1800 hours on the play Timer Meter....
Buyer paid   $ 3,000     an OK deal

Studer A-820 24 track with very good heads, Remote and Autolocator,
with Dolby SR cards, all manuals and a set of spare audio cards.
with New Pinch roller.     Low hours of use.
Sold for $ 12,000    

Studer A-827 24 track - 5,000 hours of use - with head report.
With New Pinch roller, all manuals and Remote and Autolocator.
Bought in Europe for 6,000 euro = $ 6,650us   GREAT DEAL !

Studer A-827     24 track     OK condition   2,500 hours
Sold for $ 7,500     Good Deal !!

MCI JH24     24 track, good condition.   With AL III
Sold for   $ 2,500     good deal

Studer A-827     24 track with AutoLocator
Buyer says it is in good condition.     5K hours use
Sold for $ 7,000     Very good deal if it's in good condition !!



Ampex 440B 2 track
Very Good Condition, 7.5 / 15 ips   NO roll-around console
Sold for $ 350.00       OK Deal

Otari MTR 90 mkII   24 track
Both Pucks bad   ( $300.00 each for new ones )
and needed minor repairs.... cosmetically good condition
WITH audio remote AND AutoLocator  
Sold for $ 700.00   !!! Great Deal   !!!

Ampex MM1200   24 track   fair condition
no Remote cable, no spares, no manual
Sold for $2,500     OK price

Ampex ATR 102   1/2 inch two track
a "rebuilt" machine from ATR Service,   very good condition
with standard stand and manual, with relapped used heads.
Sold for $ 7,000     not a 'great' deal but OK

Otari MTR 90 mkIII 24 track     no AutoLocator
50% life on the Heads     needed two new pucks   ($350 each)
with EC-101 synchronizer     bought for $1,500   GOOD DEAL

MCI JH 110A 2 track 1/4 inch
with the dreaded Red Sockets which must be replaced!
Good working condition     bought for $450

Studer A80 mkII   1/2 inch two track
With VSO unit, 1/4 inch headstack and spare parts
but needed a capstan rebuild costing $360 which seller
reimbursed buyer for = very good seller !!!
Bought for $3,000     before reimbursment

Ampex MM1200   24 track in good condition
Sold for $2,850

MCI JH110B 2 track     1/4 inch in Roll Around Cabinet
Good condition with lots of life on the heads
Bought for $ 250.00

Otari MTR 90 mkII 24 track     without Autolocator
buyer says it's in fair condition but needs new pucks
bought for $ 2,000



Otari 5050 mkIII 8 track
bought in Germany for 150 euro     ($200us)
buyer says it needed a new pinch roller
and is in very good condition...     great deal !!

Ampex ATR 104     4 track 1/2 inch
Buyer says the heads are almost brand new
Some minor tech work required on her, new Capstan tach needed
Bought for $ 1,000       very good deal   !!

Ampex MM1200   2