Here are the MOST COMMON tape Recorder problems...

Your Machine runs slow or stops,
sounds distorted, sounds warbled,
has no top end....
The MOST common problem that will cause the above
is TAPE GUNK on the heads and guides !!!

Old tape can 'shed' and leave what is commonly called
TAPE GUNK on the heads and guides...

This is really the glue (binder) that holds
the oxide to the tape... and this can get onto
any part where the tape touches.     Since this
IS glue, the more that gets stuck to the heads and guides,
the more this glue will stick to ANY other tapes you play.

I've seen machines with 1/8th inch thick gunk on the
heads and guides.... so thick it actually STOPPED
tapes dead in the play mode.

you've got to use a magnifying glass and a flashlight
to look at the heads and guides, and use as many Q-tips
and isopropyl alcohol (91% is fine)   as it takes
to scrub off ALL the tape gunk.

Put the machine on it's back to get a
better look at the heads and guides....

The heads and guides and metal rollers
for the tape recorder to operate well.

Once immaculately clean - and you've checked
with the magnifying glass and flashlight -
then test the recorder with BRAND NEW and
New-Stock   PYRAL/RMGi   or   ATR   audio tape.

Any time you run Old Tape
you MUST check the heads and guides
to make sure the tape has not left any
tape-gunk on the machine.... and if it has you
MUST clean it ALL off right away.

I've had to use OVER 20 Q-tips and cleaner to
scrub off caked on Tape-Gunk on machines...
and had to use a lot of pressure and scrubbing.

Finally.. you should
NEVER USE OLD TAPE for any new projects !

Your machine is not Speed-Stable in Play
The MOST common problem that will cause the above
is TAPE GUNK on the heads and guides !!!
Read the above !!!

The next is a very rock hard PINCH ROLLER
or one that is so old that there is a
wear pattern on the pinch roller.
You can test this my pressing the pinch roller
into the capstan by hand....   if the speed
becomes stable again,   then you should first
buy a brand new new-stock pinch roller,   install it
and see if this returns the machine to normal.
Do NOT buy old-stock pinch rollers.....
Old-Stock rollers likely will have bad
rubber just from age.... and you really do
NOT want rubber anyway... polyurethane
is a MUCH better material.

I no longer stock brand new new-stock pinch rollers for Tape recorders....
But Athan Corp makes and sells the BEST Pinch Rollers anywhere.
They were the only ones I used to keep in stock and sell myself.
So go to the Athan eBay store are order yours directly from them....
Athan eBay store Link

If you have a consumer machine you will have to get your
existing pinch roller re-rubbered at Terry's Rubber Rollers
Terry's Rubber Rollers link
and tell him Goreski at sent you to him !!!

If a new pinch roller does not help,
then you will need to bring your machine
to a good EXPERIENCED tech.... and get it fixed.


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