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our current   MCI   parts list

MCI   tape recorder parts for sale

   The dreaded RED SOCKETS of MCI


    Go To Red Socket Hell    

 If you own an MCI you HAVE to read this page !!!


    Aligning MCI Transports

Aligning   MCI   Transports

  Transport Alignment page with Tips and basic instructions....

    TUCHEL connectors for the MCI JH24 and JH600 series consoles
      can be bought at     Redco Tuchel Page

Aligning   MCI   Audio

MCI Audio Alignment

  Audio pages partialy done now...


    Secret   MCI   Tips

    Go To MCI Secret Land  

Ah yes... the Secret Page of MCI Tips Part 1 done now... more to come soon


    MCI   Audio Relay Data   and Substitution List

    Go To MCI Audio relay Info  

    MCI Relay Info and Substitution List

    The   JH-16   R10D-E1-L4-V700   Sync Relay


The hard to find
R10D-E1-L4-V700 Sync relay



    MCI   Power Supplies

  Go To MCI Power Land  


    MCI JH400 series consoles - Replacing the MCI 2001 OpAmps

  Go To MCI 2001 Land  

  Info and recomendations on replacing the MCI 2001 OpAmp page now Done!


    MCI   pics and vintage Sales Brochures


MCI   Pics and Sales Brochures



    FREE MCI Service Bulletins (at least the ones I have...)

These are now listed in the 'Manuals' link on the main page....

  MCI Manuals:
All MCI Manuals are listed in the 'Manuals' link on the Main Page

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