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GREAT NEWS !!!    There is a NEW Manufacturer of AUDIO TAPE...

The nice folks over at SPLICIT.COM are now involved in manufacturing new Audio tape  !!!!


They are calling their brand   " CAPTURE "

It currently is far less costly than ATR or RMGi/Pyral tape
and should find a place in studios and such...

Announcement and Specs on the new 'CAPTURE' Audio tape

Link to the Splicit Audio tape Prices page:          CAPTURE audio tape Prices    

It is said to be Bias compatable to Quantegy / Ampex   456
And looks as if it wants to be at the normal "+3" operating level  (   250nW/m  )   for best headroom

This could be especially good tape to run on older machines that do not have enough bias for
the RMGi/Pyral or ATR tapes   !!!

So far I have NOT used this tape nor gotten comments about it from any Users....
after all it is a BRAND NEW Audio tape....  BUT it is well worth buying a reel and trying it out...

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