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    Ampex MM1100 and MM1200 Service Bulletins

Service Bulletins for the MM 1100 and MM1200 machines

    Aligning Ampex 1200 and 1100 Transports

Go To Transport Alignment Procedure

    Aligning Ampex Audio Recorders

Go To Audio Alignment Procedures

    Ampex 1200 / 1100 Low Audio or Distorted Audio in Repro and Sync modes...

Go To Low Repro Audio or Distorted audio - all tracks

    Ampex Audio Relays...VERY hard to find now

Go To Audio Relays info

   Ampex 1200 and 1100 bias tips and tricks

Go To Bias Tips

    Ampex 1200 / 1100 Erasure Adjustments

Go To Erasure Adjust

    Ampex 1100 tips

Go To MM1100 Tips

    Ampex 1100 Transport Mod - for Brakes 'on' in the stop mode !!!

Go To MM1100 Xport Mod

    Recommended Ampex 1100 and 1200 Spare Parts

Spare Parts

    Recommended Caps to Replace on your Audio Cards -
  for the Ampex AG440 and MM1100 and MM1200 machines

Bad Caps !!


    39 volt Power Supply Mod for slower ramp up - saves VU Meter lamps !!
        Simple to do
39 Volt Regulator Card Mod !!

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