the Ampex 350 and 351 tube electronics pages

Information and Tips for using the Ampex tube 350 and 351 electronics as a tube Mic pre-amp

the Difference between the 350 and the 351 Electronics

I have a set of Mods I do on the Ampex 351 electronics
which makes it a MUCH BETTER and far more Versatile
and great sounding VINTAGE Tube Mic Pre-Amp

Description of what is done to my modded 351s

Electronics Schematics from the 350 manual
Audio Electronics and Power supply only

Complete 350 manual (from 1954 !!)
this manual is at our Ampex Manuals link - scroll thru the Ampex page

Complete 351 manual  
this manual is at our Ampex Manuals link - scroll thru the Ampex page

Pictures of various 350 and 351 Electronics

Note: Almost ALL Ampex 350 Electronics are sold WITHOUT the necessary Power Supply   !!
and they are impossible to find for sale anywhere.     So unless you
can make your own high-voltage power supply yourself, do NOT buy a Ampex
350 electronics unit UNLESS it has the original power supply and connection
cable AND the special old-style AC Power Cord   (also impossible to find)
Ampex 351 electronics have an internal Power supply in each unit
but still have the hard to find old-style AC cable,   so make sure you
buy a unit WITH the original AC cable or that the unit has been modified
to accept a standard AC cable with ground.
In all cases you MUST have a qualified tech change the AC connector on
the 351 or 350 to a standard IEC grounded cable,
Also have your Tech REMOVE the wiring to the rear 'Jones Connector'
as it has LIVE AC on it !

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